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Nearshore solutions that save you time and overhead costs.

Hire a whole dedicated team and scale your business faster!

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Why us

Drive success with tailored solutions

Who we are

At W4S, our purpose is clear: to supply you with qualified remote personnel.

With our expertise in optimizing operations, you can focus on what truly matters: growing your business, delighting your customers, and outperforming your competition.

What we do

It's simple: We manage your back-office operations seamlessly. 

We make sure all of your staffing needs are met by creating a complete analysis of the best candidates, training them according to your requirements and finally managing them so that you can focus on your goals.

Why choose us?

By partnering with us, you'll experience a streamlined and agile operation that frees up your resources, saves valuable time, and improves overall productivity.

Let us do the rest.

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Our Services

We offer various types of remote campaigns:

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Sales Teams

The sales techniques we implement are constantly being tested, analyzed and improved.

We understand each and every one of the linguistic, legal and psychological aspects that influence a negotiation with a cold, warm and qualified lead.

In order to close as many sales as possible we rely on top notch strategies that have been proven to work. After all, that is our specialty.

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Customer Service &
Back Office Support

We work as an extension of our clients operation and as such we are more than capable to adapt to any industry that requires full text support via ticket, webform or direct email.

We are confident in our ability to structure intricate action plans to ensure our customers
total satisfaction in the gaming, medical, financial, web hosting and IT industries.

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Logistics solutions
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Logistics Solutions

Our agents are thoroughly tested to determine their skills on the phone and one of the most important skills in logistics is attention to detail.

This ability is a constant in absolutely all personnel who are trained in this area.

All of our representatives comply with a high level of responsibility and commitment.

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Work better. Work with us!

Be a part of our team and enhance your career by working with top-notch US-based companies. 

Meet The Team

Call center in Barranquilla

Daniel Vilar

Chief Operating Officer

Call center in Barranquilla

Jorge A. Martínez

Chief Executive Officer

Call center in Barranquilla

Daemian Sterremaker

Chief Sales Officer


Our Humble Beginnings

It's extremely gratifying to know that all of this effort is finally giving us great satisfaction.

But it wasn't always that easy. We had to hurdle many obstacles along the way and we sure know from experience that if you put enough passion and effort, great things will come your way.

barranquilla nearshore offshore

Barranquilla, Colombia;
Our Cradle

Built upon hundreds of years of trade, business and innovation, Barranquilla has truly become a statement of power among the Latin-American metropolises. 

No other city in the region compares to it in terms of potential and vision.

Many races, one culture

Our core values are strictly attached to the place where it all started. The word that identifies Us Colombians is tenacity

We represent the best of that strong culture that believes in a better future. And we are here to make it happen!

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Want to grow revenue or reduce costs?

Why not both? Let's take your operation to new heights.

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Streamline your operations with us

Whether you're looking to enhance productivity or reduce costs, we've got you covered. Our dedicated team of professionals is equipped with the skills and expertise to meet your specific business needs. Take the first step towards unlocking your business's potential by getting in touch with us. 

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Call center in Barranquilla

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